Twins With Myself

by Dusty Sprinkle

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released April 22, 2016



all rights reserved


Dusty Sprinkle Oil City, Pennsylvania

honest-to-goodness little songs about recovery, being queer, posi thoughts, anxious extroversion, and friendly monsters!

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Track Name: the lymie song
i got bit by a tick
it made me really sick
i have late stage, chronic lyme disease
and now i walk with a cane
i could be super mad
but i think i'll be ok
i've still got my friends and my music and my art
i'm still the same person and i can do lots of stuff
but now the stuff is harder
i get really sad when i can't walk around
or dance at a show or get up outta bed
but i will learn to love myself this way
i'm reading all these books about the things that made me ill
and it's made me realize
that i am not alone and neither are you
sometimes it feels like our bodies turn on us
but like i said, you are not alone
talk to me, message me
i'll be your friend, get ahold of me
i'll try
a tick made me sick
posi thoughts, posi thoughts in and out, posi thoughts
Track Name: popsicle
hey, don’t move that popsicle
it's falling on the ground
the ants will take it away
when I was young, i went to the library
to sing songs
and that’s what started this
send me a letter
send me your heart
wrapped up in some fancy box
like a school project, i'll procrastinate
but someday i'll make things better for us
do you believe that trees can talk?
that the sky's just not a dome
the grass is not dead
sometimes i doubt myself and this world
but when the coffees made, I feel alright
Track Name: paper towel
grab a paper towel, we made a mess
but that's ok
lone wolf runnin but i am hummin a tune for you
little one
hold my hand, we'll walk together
we'll walk forever
i'll bring good weather
these great lands gave you a voice, you have a gift
and it's your choice what you do with it
and whatever you decide
it's fine with me
it'll be alright
Track Name: becoming a squirrel
i never considered that i'd be a critter
in the forest without a care
i died in the eyes of my papa yesterday
and now look at me, i'm free, i'm free, i'm free
do you believe in reincarnation?
it happened to me and it could happen to you
it feels so nice to have a furry body
and little tiny claws and eat berries all day
i went down to the stream to get a drink of water
i saw my reflection and thought a lot about it
i feel beautiful, i feel free
i feel wonderful, i feel like me
Track Name: internet friends
i will text you when i'm on the way
i will call if something goes astray
you're so perfect, well, at least i bet
there's nothing like hanging out on the internet
and if you have a vcr then we’ll watch some movies
and if you have some yummy fruit, we’ll make some yummy smoothies
it's nice to be chattin with you, nice to be your pal
but in real life, i'm just a drag, i'm sadly not around
the internet is great for making friends
there’s some to throw away and some that are true gems
but i'm a bore, i hope i don’t offend
i'll never be as cool as i am on Instagram
Track Name: twins with myself
gemini cat, come back to me
safety first! bent at the knees
i'll love you more than rings or things like that forever
jupiter clover, i'm coming over
to smoke pipe tobacco on your porch
if we cant stay up late, i'll be your friend again
gelfling baby, would you say maybe
to being the keeper of my soul
i guess we'll never know but here we are
i belive in the sun and the stars