wild olive

by Dusty Sprinkle

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this album was recorded on my upstairs porch with a single condenser microphone on a sunny day. my dog and six cats were present.


released May 9, 2016



all rights reserved


Dusty Sprinkle Oil City, Pennsylvania

honest-to-goodness little songs about recovery, being queer, posi thoughts, anxious extroversion, and friendly monsters!

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Track Name: risper
They give me all these meds because my body is a mess
I'm ok with taking them but heres the thing
It’s hard in the morning to remember to take them all
There's so many and they’re all different colors
My friend bailey knitted me this lovely hat
It’s pale yellow
Just like my anti-psychotic
I hope you remember to take your pills today
I hope you take care of you today
Track Name: i was a singer
I was a singer when I was a kid
But I was a different person then, that part of me is dead
I was very angry most of the time
You could see it in my eyes
I was always yelling at everyone
I was burning all the while
I'm not sure how it happened exactly
But the anger transformed into grief
And now I'm left looking for the pieces
Of the me knocked of their feet at 18
I am still a singer
But now my songs are true
This song in particular
is for the angry kid inside of me and you
Track Name: you're afraid of me
The smell of matches
Ignored all day
We pretend that it's always been this way but you're afraid of me
You see that I'm the master key
I bet you're a stone in a creek
Still and drunkenly
Walking away in pieces
I can't stand pieces
The pain I know is real
But you can't admit how you really feel
I guess I understand
All I ever wanted was your hand
but You're afraid of me
You see that I'm the master key
you're afraid of me
you see that i'm the key
Track Name: i am the flirt
I need you to set reminders
I want a signal, I need a night light
It’s not hard to be mean, that’s a fact
But it’s hard to be clean sometimes or wear socks to bed
I guess a vacation would work
To give me a break from us
That’s what you said
i'm a sad little boy
A family friendly boy
Fuck, that's not a roundabout around this round aroundabout
You have to drive to the city to see the smoke
But you will be car sick, and I will be in love
I guess a vacation would work
To give me a break from my flirting with you and your friends
Track Name: wild olive
You are a wild olive
Never alone or doubtful
And I am green green blade
never Waiting for the stars
You never asked for my email
You never asked for a chance
I can accept that you're nervous
It was all circumstantial
6 , 4 and 5 are the numbers
That you approved of once
I guess that I’ll talk to your friend now
And leave you alone
You always wanted my patterns
You never wanted my pain
Or maybe I just wasn’t looking
When you asked for my brain